Our US Tax and Legal Services for Americans in Mexico and US Nonresidents Who Wish to Do Business in the USA

For US Expatriates living Abroad:
  • US Expatriate Tax Return Preparation (Download our 2019 Expat Tax Questionnaire HERE)
  • Preparation and Filing Special IRS forms required for  Mexican Corporations, Passive Mexican Investment Companies and Foreign Financial Accounts and reporting foreign assets.
  • IRS  Streamlined Program representation
  • Preparation of all past unfiled US  IRS and state tax returns and forms
  • Representation before the IRS in expatriate audits and  expatriate collections matters.
  • All US State Returns when required.
  • US- Mexican tax planning to help you achieve the best tax outcome between your IRS taxes and your Mexican Income Taxes.
  • Estate Planning for US Citizens living in Mexico and Mexican Citizens who own businesses or property in the USA
  • International Business Consulting
For US Nonresidents:
  • Tax Planning for US Operations and purchase of real estate
  • Best US states to Operate in to save taxes
  • Formation of US LLCs and Corporations
  • US Business Law and US Real Estate Law
  • Best tax strategies to purchase US real estate
  • US Legal contract drafting and review
  • US IRS and State Tax Return preparation
  • Avoiding problems when doing business in the USA
We offer mini consultations by phone, skype or email to help you resolve your income tax issues and structure your Mexican affairs to achieve the optimum results for you.  We have been assisting hundreds o clients in Mexico for over 25 years. All consultations are private and confidential under the attorney- client privilege that is only available when talking with a US Attorney..  Email us at ddnelson@gmail.com for further information or with your questions. Skype address: dondnelson

Our US Phone number  is 949-480-1235   WhatsApp: 818-519-9291

I look forward to assisting you. Don D. Nelson, Attorney at Law, a partner in. Kauffman Nelson LLP, CPAs.

Read more on our website at www.TaxMeLess.com 

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