Friday, June 6, 2014

US Expatriate Tax Return Due Dates

If you live abroad, your US return is due on 6/15/14 for 2013. You can file for an extension which will allow you to wait until 10/15/14 using form 4868 or go to IRS website at and you can file the extension on line using free file.  The extension does not extend the time to pay any tax you owe.

For the FBAR (foreign bank account report) you must file it by 6/30/14 for 2013 and no extensions are granted.  It is now called form 114 and is filed on line at:    Be sure to keep your receipt and download a copy of the form (in pdf format) so you have proof of filing. The IRS systems sometimes get mixed up.

Fideicomiso Fees comparision between banks

Though the US IRS does not require you file any special forms for your fido anymore (since June 2013), Mexico will not be eliminating the requirement for foreigners to hold real property through Fideicomisos since the banks do make a lot of money for them.

See the following link for a comparision of the fees charged by the Mexican banks: