Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Baja Sur to Amend Constitution and Judiciary Act to Allow Alternative Dispute Resolutions (mediation and arbitration)

At a press conference, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis, presented three initiatives sent to the State Congress on the issue of justice, with that said, it intends to reform the State Constitution to create the Council of the Judiciary Act Alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution and amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure to facilitate and expedite the enforcement of judgments.
He also said that these initiatives seek an orderly development, offering a state with legal certainty where no one is above the law or beyond.
He said the proposal for the creation of the Judicial Council of State seeking to have a dedicated and professional body of the judiciary, to address management tasks, security and judicial discipline inspection work.
He also stressed that the initiative presented also proposes reforms to the procedures for enforcement of sentences to give greater flexibility to the end of a trial, "to remove obstacles to who hopes, a slow justice is no longer fair," he said .
The state executive mentioned among the initiatives presented to the legislature, is the Law of Alternative Mechanisms of Dispute Resolution of the State of Baja California Sur, a document that seeks to have a viable tool for resolving conflicts efficiently and effective, through a system which establishes the general basis for mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism between individuals, on rights in civil, commercial and family matters.
This is fantastic news for everyone due to the huge 5 to 10 year backlog of lawsuits in the Baja Sur Courts.  Mediation and Arbitration will allow legal disputes to be resolved in six months to a year and signficiantly reduce the cost of dispute resolution from those for Court actions.