Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Read the following article on the key reasons people are retiring or moving to Mexico to conduct their businesse while living a great lifestyle:

If you are thinking about such a move and wish to know more about the US tax consequences and the Mexican tax consequences, email us at  We have hundreds of clients in Mexico and spend six months a year there. We can give you the information you need.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mexico Enforcing 6 Month Tourist Visas and Payment of Taxes By Gringos Living and Working in Mexico

Mexico is now getting tough on 6 month tourist visas and collecting taxes from gringos renting property in Mexico and earning money while living in Mexico.  See more at the link to the article on Yucalandia.

If you are renting property in Mexico and not paying taxes read the rules

If you are working and earning money in Mexico read the tax rules at:

If you need help with your US taxes while in Mexico contact us at   Remember, you must still file a US tax return on your worldwide income even though you are paying taxes in Mexico. You do get exclusions and credits for taxes you already paid in Mexico. The statute of limitations never expires for the IRS to assess and collect taxes against your worldwide income if you fail to file a US tax return when you are required to file.