Saturday, March 17, 2012

Senate Expected to Pass Bill that would Revoke Passports of Seriously Delinquent US Taxpayers

Pay Your IRS
Taxes or Lose your US Passport
The Senate has unanimously approved a provision to a highway transportation bill that would revoke the passports of people with seriously delinquent tax debts. This addition to the bill would allow the State Department to deny, revoke or limit a passport for any individual whom the Internal Revenue Service has certified as having a “seriously delinquent tax debt” in excess of $50,000.  If passed these rules would apply to those living in Mexico who have not been filing their US Tax returns for filing their taxes.

A seriously delinquent tax debt would be one for which a notice of a federal tax lien or a notice of a levy has been filed. An exception is allowed when the debt is being paid in a timely manner under an agreement with the IRS, or if collection on the debt has been suspended because of a collection due process hearing or other relief has been requested or is pending.

The Senate will vote on the overall bill and pass it later this week.The House is will take up the bill in the coming weeks  NOTE: THIS BILL DID PASS AND IS NOW THE LAW!


  1. There should be no strings attached to freedom. Everyone should contact their US Government representatives and order them to vote no for senate bill 1813 and also vote no for any bill including the revocation or suspension of passports for individuals owing back taxes or any other reasons. Americans should have the right to travel no matter what happens. Freedom is the most important part of life. Links below are for contacting your government representatives and senators. Please help support freedom.

  2. Wow, this law will serve to compel tax payments from delinquent paying individuals.