More about Don D. Nelson, Tax Attorney

Don D. Nelson, Attorney at Law   has been preparing tax returns and assisting Americans in Mexico with their US taxes for over 30 years.   He is a principal in  Kauffman & Nelson LLP , Certified Public Accountants which specializes in US expatriate and International taxation. His clients in Mexico own real estate there, operate businesses, are employed in Mexico or just live there. He knows how to coordinate your US Taxes with your Mexican taxes to help you achieve the optimum and lowest tax possible.  He has practiced before the IRS for over 40 years both as an Attorney.  He lives  and sees clients in Los Cabos much of the year.  He can offer you the confidentiality and privacy of "attorney-client" privilege which  Enrolled Agents and CPAs cannot. Read more about Don at

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Our Phone number in Mexico is 624-131-5228 (that is in Cabo San Lucas). Our US Phone number in Mexico is 480-1235  Email don  at