Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Under pre-Act law, U.S. citizens, resident individuals, and domestic corporations generally are taxed on all income, whether earned in the U.S. or abroad. Foreign income earned by a foreign subsidiary of a U.S. corporation generally is not subject to U.S. tax until the income is distributed as a dividend to the U.S. corporation.
New law. Under the Act, U.S. shareholders owning at least 10% of a foreign subsidiary generally must include in income, for the subsidiary’s last tax year beginning before 2018, the shareholder’s pro rata share of the accumulated post-’86 historical E&P of the foreign subsidiary as of the ‘‘measurement date’’ to the extent such E&P has not been previously subject to U.S. tax. The ‘‘measurement date’’ is Nov. 2, 2017, or Dec. 31, 2017, whichever date produces a greater result.
The portion of the E&P comprising cash or cash equivalents is taxed at a reduced rate of 15.5%, while any remaining E&P is taxed at a reduced rate of 8%.
At the election of the U.S. shareholder, the tax liability is payable over a period of up to eight years The payments for each of the first five years equals 8% of the net tax liability. The amount of the sixth installment is 15% of the net tax liability, increasing to 20% for the seventh installment and the remaining balance of 25% in the eighth year.
The Act provides a special rule for S corporations. Their shareholders are allowed to elect to maintain deferral on such foreign income until the S corporation changes its status, sells substantially all its assets, ceases to conduct business, or the electing shareholder transfers its S corporation stock.
The Act excludes the post-’86 historical E&P from the REIT gross income tests. In addition, REITs are permitted to elect to meet their distribution requirement to REIT shareholders with respect to the accumulated deferred foreign income over an 8-year period under the same installment percentages as apply to U.S. shareholders who elect to pay the net tax liability resulting from the mandatory inclusion of pre-effective-date undistributed CFC earnings in eight installments. (Code Sec. 965, as amended by Act Sec. 14103)

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