Sunday, March 6, 2011

Form 3520A due on 3/15/11 For Your IRS Reporting Requirement for Fideicomisos

Report your Fideicomiso to Uncle Sam
Form 3520A is due on 3/15/11 to comply with IRS requirements for reporting your Fideicomiso. That form can be extended until 9/15/11 if you file form 7004 by that due date. The related Form 3520 is due on the extended due date of your personal tax return.

If you have a US Corporation or LLC, those returns are due on 3/15/11 also for the 2010 tax year unless you file for an extension. There are now stiff penalties for not filing these returns on a timely basis based on the number of months it is filed late and the number of shareholders or members of the entity.

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